Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just when I thought I would go insane with the monotony and the sameness of what I was doing at work today (and also, note, today is the first day that I have felt that Spring is indeed coming and so I was also looking out the window with great longing), a nice Norwegian co-worker walked by my desk and said the magic words........ "Cake break?"

I jumped to my feet with alacrity and not a little joy. How can you not move fast at the very mention of cake? Caaaaaake.......

Well, it turns out this is MY kind of office for sure. They actually have (oh the tears of joy just pour forth when I even think of it) a CAKE CALENDAR whereby each member of staff is assigned a day to bring cake to the office to share. So it works out that we get to have weekly cake! An emphasis is placed on bringing cake that reflects your home country. Brownies are not frowned upon, nor are cookies or, for that matter, pies. We are, after all, an international sort of office. Man, I hope this job lasts!

A cake calendar. An office-wide cake calendar. With an official Minister of Cakes who reminds the next week's Bringer of Cake that their time is at hand. God that's effing brilliant, isn't it? I think Norwegian offices are the nicest in the world. I'm still looking for the 'post cake nap room" but judging by how nice these offices are, I have no doubt I will find it very soon.

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