Friday, March 24, 2006

one night in Bangkok

...and the world is indeed my oyster. (unfamiliar key board is causing many double letters, I've tried to clean them up but some remain. I'm too tired to figurre out how to get the iBook on Colleen's network so am using her lapttop right now.)

After a fairly sucky but on-time KLM flight (why oh WHY do they think that having no leg room on flights is ok? I mean, really?) I arrived in Bangkok around noon today. The iBook was a champ on the flight, I caugght up with my Prrojject Runway episodes and looked like a totally hip gadget geek ggirrl. At least I thought I did. Look ccool, that is. Well at least in my own mind. (I'm jet lagged, is this even making any sense?)

Note for those of you in Texas: I am now 14 hours AHEAD of you. After an endless wait at immigration where I was in line behind a bunch of monks, it was soooo ccool,, Colleen met me and we caught a cab to her flat. It was a very fast, kamikaze cab ride. They are all like that. And it was cheap, like $4 for the whole thing. That cab rride in Norway would have been $100 plus, easy. Cab rrides, I have since learrned are all kamikaze and very scary at times. Hang on and close your eyes for the dodgy bits.

I was so excited to be here, it was incredible. The best part of a trip is always that first bit, when you have the whole trip in front of you and ANYTHING can hapeen. I love that feeling.

Anyhow a nap and a shower refreshed me no end, and then we met up with Colleen's friend Anna and we went to Khaosan Road, this street crawling with farangs (tourrists or non-Thai) where there is food food foood everywhere.

Including fried bugs. I'm pretty jet lagged so I did not run screaming. I was too tired to react with my natural horrror. I did not eat the fried bugs, but I got pictures of them and a guy eating something that looked like a scorpion.

Skipping the bugs, I did have a wonderfful meal consisttinng of a falafel (the best I have ever had, $1.), an eggroll (25 cents) and the traditional dessert of mangoe and sticky rice, which is oh so yummy. Dinner cost under $2. God I love street food.

Back to the flat and am now about to crash. Colleen, bless her, has me scheduled for a massage, steam treatment, facial and pampering tomorrow morning at 11. That will be 9pm tonight for you Texas folks. Think of me being pampered at that time willya?. Nyah nyah.

The temperature here today is 75 degrees warmer than Norway. All the women here wear clip-cloppy plastic soled shoes and they sound like an army of Barbies going up and down the stairs at the skyrail stations. I think that will be my sound of bangkok, clip cloppy shoes on tiny feet.

oh so much to tell but all systems shutting down on this intrepid nerd girrl traveler. til tomorrrow......

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