Thursday, March 09, 2006


Sorry dudes.

I am just not in the blogging frame of mind these past couple of days. I've started the blog about the trip to London four times and quit each time. It's like I can't get my blog stiffy anymore.

Am I tired? Depressed? Just plain boring? I know I feel like lately there is more stuff I CAN'T say for fear of offending someone, whether husband (yes dear, you), family, Norwegians, Americans, Martians, that guy down in South America, whatever, than I can say. Everyone telling me not to write this, not to say that, quit taking the Lord's name in vain (which I am really very good at, by the way), be careful of this other thing. More people reading this than I ever dreamed of. Including some I'd rather didn't. And I think that's got me a little tongue tied right now. And I feel like I gotta be funny and cute and right now I don't feel very funny and cute. I pretty much wanna tell everyone to fuck off....and really, what fun is it to come to a blog where the writer is telling you to fuck off? You'd probably do so, and then what's the point of me writing?

I know, I know, fuck all those people who don't like what I say. I know I KNOW.

Problem is right now I'm not pleasing myself much either.

Maybe I'll get my blog-erection back later today....let's hope. Maybe I need some form of blogger's viagra.....Blogagra? Then I could marathon blog.....hmm....

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