Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'd totally date it if I could

My iPod is making me very happy.

I've loaded it with podcasts, including Lonely Planet, Penn Jillette, NPR Satire, ABC and NBC Nightly News, something by Jack Black, Ricky Gervais, and many others. I've got the latest Harry Potter downloaded on there, all 20 hours of it, read by Stephen Fry. I've got the latest Prince, which makes me dance so nasty I think I could charge just for people to watch. I've got scads of music and the last two episodes of Project Runway as well.

AND I just got all my addresses on there. Now I don't have to take around my address book (much as i love it and have had it for over 10 years) anymore. It's all on the pod. Me Loves iPod. If I could have sex with it I would.

Oh, wait. I kind of can....hmm.

I am so wired and jumpy it's ridiculous. I think I'm packed, but I'm so jazzed I can't really get my head quiet enough to make sure. I just made dinner and had some wine, so that might help. I still have to take my ritual Pre-Trip Bath, where I fluff, shave and exfoliate every part of me that I can reach, and holler at Rich to take care of the rest. Then I have to gather all the peripherals for all the electronic stuff. Back in the old days a traveler carried traveler's checks, a camera, a phone card and a pen and some paper. Now it's digital cameras, cell phones, iPods, and iBooks.

Ok. Must. Calm. Down.

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