Tuesday, February 28, 2006

snow up my nose

Freaky weather today. It's snowing every direction.

Like...upside down, sideways, down, around, and sometimes in a sort of triangular motion I've never seen before. All the snowy blowy all aroundy. Down off roofs and off trees and I saw some that was blown onto the very edges of bricks in our building, only to be plucked off in little balls by the howly winds and tossed around in concentric circles. Like the wind is playing catch with mini snow balls.

Of course this means the trains are fucked up AGAIN. I don't know about you, but if I am paying $6-$7 each way for a train ride (and only one stop, mind you, not like I'm going across town) I expect some on time trains, or at least some discounts when the trains are like, half an hour late all day? While I'm waiting there on the platform the snow is playing its tricks, crawling up my nose and down my shirt and UNDER my glasses and sort of perching on my head. There is no where to hide from it. It kind of sizzles when it hits the skin. Little cold pellets of ouchy freeze. I finally get on the train and my glasses steam up so thick I can't see anything, and I just kind of start to giggle because it's all so silly. I watch all the folks on the train annoyed and steamy and fuzzy and itchy and all with big furry hats or hooded coats.

I left work early today to go get my tax card* set up, and of COURSE the tax office closes at 3. I got there at 3:15. And considering that the busses to work only run from 7-9 am and then from work at 3-5 pm, and the tax office is open from 9-3, it could mean I will have to take a WHOLE DAY off just to get this tax thing figured. I wonder if I can do it over the phone. Man what a pain.

*In Norway, you get a tax card at the beginning of the year or when you start a new job. On it you estimate your income for the year, and you pay taxe percentages based on that estimate. If you make more or less than the estimate, you can end up paying quite a bit different (more or less) in taxes than you had thought. It's kind of a wierd system, especially if (like me) you are working on a contract basis and aren't quite sure WHAT you will make.....however, if you end up overpaying, Norway does pay you interest on the overpayment, which is nice. Unlike the US, where they charge you interest if you OWE but you don't get interest if they owe you.

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