Saturday, February 04, 2006

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I'm having a real hard time getting used to this Mac keyboard. Something keeps happening and the cursor jumps back into the middle of a sentence I already wrote and so I end up writing a sentence within a sentence. That is, IF it doesn't somehow mysteriously delete what I had written previously first. It's happened about five times in the past five minutes. I either type too fast or I am losing my aim. I dunno but some wrong buttons are definitely getting pressed.

I went for my second workout at the gym today. A guy named Roar (such a great name) set me up with a workout routine. He showed me some of the old stand-by exercises but then also some new shit that is SO gonna kick my ass. I could hardly do them. I'm out of shape, but in wierd ways. Like my stomach muscles are really strong but I've lost almost all my upper body strength I had developed. Why is that? I can walk forever, and climb hills, but running? Forget it. Ouch. I will hurt tomorrow. No doubt about that.

After my work out I went to the little mall for a bit and saw something scary. A little girl got her shoe string caught in the escalator. She was about 7 years old and her shoe was untied and when she got to the end of the escalator, her string just went into one of the slats and she was stuck. She stood there, confused and inefectually yanking her leg like she was a bear in a bear trap, but her mom was really cool, just bent over and reversed it out, no fuss no muss. The little girl howled and hollered afterward and her mom was like "What is your deal? Jeez, calm down! That was no problem!" I thought the mom handled it well, all told. Norwegian moms are really laid back, I like the way they tend to handle their kids.
I was also impressed to see the escalator shut down automatically. Like it has a sensor or something for things like that. A shoestring isn't even that big of a thing, so it was good to see that the escalator has such a sensitive "off" button in it.

Have you heard about this uproar over Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed? It's pretty big news here. It seems a bit out of hand to me, like a small radical group are just waiting for a reason to mob together and destroy. I won't get on my soapbox on this one, I'm kind of freaked at how over the top it's getting.....I will, however, send you over to the BBC discussion pages for some really interesting comments, I think you will be able to tell which ones agree with.....

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