Monday, February 27, 2006

Career girl

Look at me, a career girl! I had my first day at work today. I can totally handle it. No worries whatsoever.

It's wierd to be in a corporate environment. I can't say "again" because I've never been in a corporate environment like this. It's a GORGEOUS campus, old buildings mixed with new, all the landscape areas covered in snow and trees and the buildings are right by the water. Really nice. It'll be great in summer, to have lunch by the fjord. Open plan offices, not even cubes but more like desk areas. That means, of course, not much blogging during the day, so it might slow down a bit...but never fear, I'll keep posting. There's a cool canteen with pretty good food at cheap prices, free coffee all day, it's basically pretty lush. As offices go, the poshest I've ever seen. Norwegian offices are WAY nicer than American ones.

The commute SUCKED. The train was PACKED like a sardine can. I was wedged right next to the door, next to a sign that said "Do no lean on door, it opens outwards" and of course I had nothing to lean on BUT the door. Apparently everyone in Norway needed to catch the train that I was on at the exact time I needed to catch it. Oy. But once the train got to its destination, there was a nice corporate (free!) bus that took me straight to the office's front door.

In total, I think this job will be an interesting intro to corporate culture for me. And a great way for me to learn more about tech writing and the international business community. A big part of me felt like a poser today, like a spy from AlternativeNation or something, and that any minute I would get kicked out because I have two tattoos and I say "fuck" alot. (Though I only whispered it to myself today when I messed up on a document or something.) But I made it through day one, and nobody found me out far so good.

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