Thursday, February 23, 2006

defrosting freezer

It's kind of warm outside.

Well, to a Norwegian it's kind of warm. It's like 45 degrees out, which is officially almost spring like.

It also means that the snow is melting BUT FAST. It's kind of like the outdoors is a giant freezer that's defrosting. Which I'm all for.

Except, overnight, what melted refreezes, so tomorrow morning it will be like an ice-rink out there. The only way to survive is to stick to the little gravel strewn areas provided by the thoughtful folks who live/work in the buildings along the sidewalks. All the older ladies have on their "crampons" a horrible word for spiked shoe bottoms that you can attach to your boots that grip the ice and help you not fall on your ass. For some reason, it's not considered "cool" to wear these if you are under age 55, but fuck it, I wear them anyway. Because, me? Klutz. Bigtime.

Serious tip-toeing going on.. Be careful.

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