Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Face of Jesus in my Quesadilla, y'all.

And I am SO not lying.

I made quesadillas tonight. (I make 'em GOOD, too.) In the third one I made, there He was. About an inch and a half across. I called Rich over and I'm all like, "Does that look like Jesus in my quesadilla?" And he's all "Holy (haha) Shit! It DOES!" So he took pictures.

Tell me if you can see it.

Did you see it? I SWEAR it is exactly as it appeared, right out of the frying pan. It is NOT retouched or photoshopped or anything.

Here's another shot, with a circle around the face:

See? It IS Him, in'it?

Of course I ate it. My quesadillas are really good. Did I mention that? Didn't want to waste it.

But then, I just thought of something: did I really screw up and I should have saved it and sold it on eBay, like the grilled cheese sandwich with the Virgin on it?

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