Monday, February 20, 2006

mean people suck

It seems I have some people here in Norway that don't like me very much. They think that I am complaining about their country.

Hmm..let's see. Things are expensive here. There is alot of snow on the ground. It's cold. Winters are long. Norwegians (nice ones, friendly ones, of which there are many!) talk about it all the time. These things are all true. Anyone who says they are not true is obviously insane.

I have never, not once said that I hated Norway on this blog. Not once. Do I dislike some aspects of it here? Why sure. I'm a summer girl from Texas living in a place that invented winter sports. Snow, to me, = wet, sticky cold and hard to walk in. Hmm, maybe not a natural fit. But there is alot here that I do like. And I have written about that as well. Summers, the water, the beauty of the country, these are all things I appreciate.

So, to Anonymous:

Your comments are giving a very bad impression of Norwegians. Now all my friends and family (and I do have a lot of them, mind you, as I am very lucky and very loved) are going to think that Norwegians are small minded, mean and nasty. All because of you. YOU, not me. YOU are giving a bad impression of your OWN country by doing this. Is this how you want Norway to be seen??

Why on earth are you wasting your energy on posting to my website if you don't like it? Why are you spending your time on me if you don't like me? Isn't your energy better spent elsewhere? You can go read something else. Here, I'll give you a topic. Go do something that makes you happy instead of reading something that does not entertain you. That way we are all happy and you don't bother with me and I am not bothered with you.

It's not ME that needs the life. It's you. I feel bad for you. You must be really sad. I'm sorry for you.

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