Monday, August 29, 2005

Sending best wishes

This article brings back alot of memories.

In 1969 Hurricane Camille destroyed my grandparents' house. What they didn't lose was badly water damaged. I was one year old. My whole childhood, growing up, memories were always divided into BC and AC (before and after Camille). The name Camille was like an old friend, almost, a person that my Omi knew and had a long relationship with. She was always just "Camille".
In Long Beach, between Pass Christian and Gulfport, where my grandparents lived, you could see the evidence of the devastation even until today. The lots around my grandparents (they were right off the beach and the main road) were empty with evidence of house foundations and sometimes stairs to nowhere. It was a traditional part of a visit to my grandparents to see what houses might have been built to replace the old, and to note where the damage still remained. Even almost 20 years after. You'd sometimes still find things on the beach that had been washed up by the hurricane (old bloated cans of food, etc.) We have precious few pictures of my Dad and his brother when they were kids. All washed away.
My parents do have a picture of me as a very little kid, sitting in a toilet that had formerly been in the house, now in the backyard surrounded by downed trees and brush.

They say Katrina will do the same level of destruction as Camille, or more,, plus major "biblical proportion" damage to New Orleans. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities, as it is for many people.

All I can say is, I send my heart's best thoughts to all those in the path of the hurricane. I know what it's like.

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