Tuesday, August 23, 2005

...and that was that

In reading the Norwegian weather forecast, I see I missed the last day of summer by a day. Yup. Summer ended on Sunday, from what I can tell. From here on out, it's cool and rainy. If it gets above 64, I'll be impressed.

It seems strange to be in a place where summer can end from one day to the next. Especially considering I just came from a place where everyone is complaining that it seems like summer never ends. I remember that feeling, in Austin, when you are in the middle to end of August and you just wish September would arrive so that it will cool off. And then, September does arrive...and it is still freaking hot.

I guess you can never be happy with the weather, wherever you live. It's either too hot, or too cold. Too wet, too dry.

I'm just glad I got to have my three weeks of hot, Texas summer. Reminds me of where I come from, what sweat is really like, and it will make me appreciate this Norwegian weather for at least a week. But after that, I get to complain again. Seems only fair.

(And yes, it's really 4:45 am. I have jet lag like a mother fucker.)

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