Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Abominable Snow Karla

Gosh it's hot.

97 degrees in this little part of the Ozarks where I am. I feel like the Abominable Snowman, you know, the one that melted on the old Bugs Bunny cartoons? Gosh it's hot.

Good thing I remembered that it gets hot in the US in summer, and I packed nothing but sundresses and tank tops and skirts. One jacket, one measly jacket, and that is the only article of clothing that has long sleeves in my whole suitcase. Woohoo!!!!!! I remember what sweat feels like!

I got to take the Audi into Springfield today to pick up yet another of my brother's friends. We're importing boys for dad's birthday. Ok that sounds wrong. What I mean is, alot of my brother's freinds love hanging out with my dad, and so a few of them have come up here to celebrate the big birthday. Kit and Duy got here at 7:30 am, having driven all night! Mom's got them all packed into the other house, which was my grandmther's house. She died a couple of years ago, so now her house is the guest house. The testosterone is already pretty thick up there, good thing Mom has saved me a bedroom in the main house.

Anyhow, driving the Audi to Springfield was FUN. There is this one windy twisty road, that goes on for about 65 miles or so, nothing but twists and turns and glass smootth asphalt and fun. The curves are all perfectly banked, there are no potholes and I love to swing around the turns and careen up and down the hills like a race car driver. I dream about that road, sometimes. Missouri has the best country roads, they really keep them up well. So it was with alacrity and no small amount of glee that I volunteered to pick up Kit's friend Russell, who was flying into Springfield airport this morning. Any excuse to drive that road is ok with me. Russell, by the way, is my best friend Julia's "little" brother, whom I have known for 30 years now. Can you believe I am old enough to know ANYONE besides my parents for 30 years? But yeah, I've known Julia and her family since I was five. Eeek!

Mom and I refer to all Kit's friends as "the boys" but they are all in their mid 30's, with marriages and divorces and jobs and kids and yet, with all that, they are still my younger brother's dorky friends and that's just how they will remain, even when they are 70. The Boys. And I'll always be the big sister. Funny how that never changes.

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