Tuesday, August 23, 2005

space time continuum has me confused

OK so let's figure this out.

I left Houston at 7 pm Sunday Houston time and it was 2am in Norway. The plane was not full and so I managed to get a row to myself where I could stretch out. I slept the majority of the flight. (Bad hair? You have never seen such bad hair as I was sporting on this flight. Woof.) Didn't even see a movie or anything. Cheap plane date, me.

Got to Amsterday at noon Norway time, so that's 5 am Houston time. Caught the flight to Oslo at 2pm. Kept nodding off and waking myself up by, in turns, my head jerking, snoring or drooling on my chin. NICE. The jetset life ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Arrived in Oslo, manhandled my luggage on to the train (the luggage allowance is 70 lbs per bag, of which you get two. Big Bertha, the seriously big suitcase I use to bring back "supplies" was weighing in at a healthy 69.5 pounds. No shit...) and was home by 5pm Monday. 5 pm Norway time is 10 am Houston time. I fell asleep at 8 pm and am rather shocked to find out it's 1 pm Tuesday now, as I arise from my slumber.

Here's your algebra question: Exactly how long did I stay up with no sleep, and how long will it take me to make up that sleep? Show your answer in integers. Alternatively, for extra credit, please show the physics involved in the miraculous, gravity defying stand up routine my hair is currently performing. If X is that part sticking straight off the side of my head, and Y is the bit that so flat it's like a matted carpet, then what is the relationship of Z (the tangle from hell) to A (the furry fuzzy bit at my temple.) Discuss.

I. Need. Coffee.

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