Saturday, August 27, 2005

Half an hour before the party

Tonight we are having a little dinner party. One thing I am determined to do in this new place is entertain more. I used to do it alot, in Austin, but since coming to Norway, in our old place, attempts at entertaining usually just ended in people getting pissed off as they got so lost trying to find our place. I gave up trying. Too hard to give directions and find parking.

But here? Oh yeah, it's MADE for entertaining. Good space in the flat, central, easy to find location, awesome views, and a really, really great kitchen. And we finally bought our first grown up, extendable dining table!

So, tonight is the first party. Full sit down dinner for 8.

Of course, parties are a little different here than they were in Austin. In Austin, I'd make a big ol' pot o' somethin', throw down some plates and yell "Come and get it!" Or we'd bbq. Everyone would bring some beer or some "meap" and we'd chow down on the back deck. Here in Europe, it's all proper place settings, wines, chicken cordon bleu and the after-dinner cheese plate. I have finally learned how to set the table correctly. I'm only 37, after all, I guess it was about time.

So, tonight, we are having: chicken cordon bleu, fresh steamed broccoli, saffron rice, a salad with the exotic "American ranch" dressing, and a bread pudding with whiskey sauce for dessert. (This dessert comes for the Perini Ranch cookbook, and it's so good that it makes me lick the plate. I can't keep my fingers out of the sauce when I cook it. Mmm.) I do all the prep ahead of time, so when it's time to cook the last little bits, I am good to go. I swear, I should be some sort of Army general, because man, one thing this girl can do is marshal forces, plan an attack and foresee eventualities.

Here's a pic of the dining room.

I'll let you know how it turns out. T-10 minutes to lift off. Gotta go light candles.

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