Friday, August 12, 2005

Austin and Slippin' Into Mosey

A favorite expression of mine, picked up from some Austin friends, is the phrase "slippin' into mosey". That's when you kind of wind down from the frenetic pace of life, and well, you just start to mosey. It usually suggests a party, a nice cold beer and a mellow gathering of pals. Austin is a great place for moseyin'. I have much of it planned.

The past few days have been spent reacquainting myself with my favorite city on Earth. Lots has changed, and some things have, happily, not. I got my hair cut on Wednesday at a salon owned by a friend of one of my Norwegian friends. I can highly recomend the salon, it's called Sage. I got a great haircut and the prices are fair. The owner, Maris Stella, used to run the salon at Saks, so she knows something about good hair and pampering. I love the cut I got. If you have curly hair ask for Vanessa. In continuation of the pampering, I went today for a facial, body scrub exfoliation (orange and vanilla, I smell like candy) and a pedicure at DAYA. I'm soft as a baby's butt. Then I had my eyebrows done (OUCH!). I feel like a car that's gotten a tune up. I'm refreshed and raring to go.

Last night I went to my favorite bar, the bar at the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel, downtown, where I met Bookhart, Karla May and Badger. I have known Karla May and Bookhart for years, but it was nice to finally meet Badger, who not only cracks my ass up every time I read her blog, but also has a really great writing style. She's totally kick ass in person, too, and she is a very talented palm reader. Her readings of our hands freaked us out, they were so right on. She's cool, I hope we can ge together more often when I come to town.
Imagine my happiness when I saw that Tiffany, my favorite bar waitress EVER is still working at the Stephen F. (I bet she pulls in some good money, that girl. She works at a law firm days.) She gives us the best service every time we go, and she's also just a really cool chick. I am so glad that she's still there, makes me feel like I still have a few of my insider tricks up my sleeve.

Tomorrow I am going to my friend Margaret's wedding, and I found a great dress at Last Call to wear to it that will cover the bruises on my legs. It's a Roberto Cavalli long full crinkle silk slip dress, in a red black and white pattern. I love it, it's floaty and gorgeous and very me. The bruises on my arms will still be evident, but I dare anyone to wear long sleeves in a Texas summer.

Today when I got home from the spas, I hung out with Julia on her back porch (I'm staying with her and Heather) and we just talked and watched a goofy squirrel sleeping on a branch, its legs splayed in total relaxation. I got a picture of it, the zoom on my new camera works pretty well. It's so great to just sit and chat with friends in the torpid Texas heat. No sweater required.

It's so nice to be back home. People I love, thunderstorms, hot weather, great shopping and food. You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl.

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