Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Today is my 37th birthday.

I know I know, I don't look a day over 36.

I'm just glad I'm here in Texas. A birthday just doesn't feel right unless I am sweating profusely.

Rich sent me some beautiful flowers, roses in all shades of red and pink and orange, they are gorgeous. He's in Prague right now on a small holiday, drinking Kozel beer. Yeah, I'm jealous, but I'm still glad I am here.

Today I will either go to Enchanted Rock for my little spiritual reassessment trip (I used to do it every year, nothing better than climbing a giant rock with views for miles to mke you think and contemplate) or go to Deep Eddy Pool after a nice walk around Town Lake.

I will also read a book and have a mocha. Yum. Tomorrow after my outdoorsy spirit chasing, Julia and Heather will cook me a steak and we will hang out on their back porch and just shoot the shit.

Tonight my friends Oliver and Lindsay invited me over to dinner. Karla May and I went and we hung out with all the kids (Oliver and Lindsay have two and Karla May has one) and ate shrimp. They also had a really scrumptious birthday cake for me. It was a great time in their beautiful house. The kids are all so cute, like little monkeys just crawling over everything. All blonde. It felt very Norwegian!

I spent the day with Bookhart, we had lunch and saw "Wedding Crashers" which rocked. We also did some shopping. It was really nice to have some girl time with her. I miss spending time with her, and it bugs me to feel like i have to fit so much quality time into one freaking day. I think it made us both feel a little awkward. But we are good enough friends that we can say, "Dude, does this feel wierd or what?"

37......37. that seems alot older than 36. 36 was close enough to 35 that I could fake it and say I was in my early 30's. 37? Nope. Too close to 40 to fake the early thirties any more. I am now older than my mom. She's been 29 for a long time. Soon I will become my mother's grandmother. Or maybe her wacky favorite auntie.

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