Monday, August 21, 2006

Sole control

Rich is on a business trip and this means I get SOLE CONTROL of the remote.


(Um, I mean, "Miss you honey".)

Right now on AMC (yes, for some reason we get AMC here) "Singin' In the Rain" is on. Is there any movie that is cheerier and funnier than "Singin' in the Rain"? I think not.

Well, maybe Auntie Mame. I am getting more and more Auntie Mame like as I get older. (And I mean Rosalind Russell's Auntie Mame, by the way.) Seriously, she was a really great character (and what a wardrobe!)and I think I could do alot worse than be like I just need to find my Patrick.

Tonight my friend Jennifer and I went out to dinner (she treated me for my birthday) and we met a guy who worked for the US Foreign Service. He tried to recruit me! (Me, he tried to recruit; Jennifer, he was hitting on.) He was all trying to get me to take the foreign service test and go for a job. He said they needed more 'smart people who know how to communicate'. I was like, Dude, I'd totally get keel hauled or something because I am WAY too outspoken, indiscreet and anti-gubmint. This was, of course, after my "Hi! You're American? Nice to meetya. I'm from Texas and I did not vote for GWB" speech. Yeah, I said that to a Foreign Service guy. Oops. And what was he saying about how they need diplomats? I'd be really good, wouldn't I? NOT.

We did tell him exactly what we thought about the Embassy HOT guards and very indifferent 'customer' service. So at least we got that point across. He seemed amenable to our opinions and even bought us drinks. So I'm thinking we did not piss him off that much. Cool guy though....been all over the world, twice.

Oh lordy, they will be watching me now, won't they?

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