Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Damn Slate magazine to Hell.

So today I was listening to Slate's podcast and they did about 15 minutes on the history/popularity of Ranch Dressing.

Ranch dressing.

Creamy, cold, herby, fattening ranch dressing.

Ranch dressing into which you dip pizza, or fries or fried anything.

Ranch dressing. Which I adore.

Ranch dressing which you really should not start thinking about directly after your belly dancing class, as you listen to your iPod, on the way home from the gym. (Even though you are hungry and haven't eaten much today because the conversation over lunch ended up being...roaches, which killed your appetite completely and you could not eat your hard boiled egg and salad. Lunch conversations at work are always interesting.)

Ranch dressing, which is fairly hard to find here in Norway, but guess who has a small supply of ranch dressing mix?

Ranch dressing, which you make as soon as you get home and then you make a pizza because hell, pizza dipped in ranch is so damned good.

And you eat half the pizza and a big glob of dip.

Ranch dressing....creamy, cold herby goodness made with mayonnaise and milk. NOT a low fat food.

Damn Slate magazine podcasts all to hell. DAMN THEM. Don't they know how suggestible I am?

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