Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Needed: One new head

Anyone out there have a new head they can give me? I want to trade mine in. I've had a headache for a day and a half non stop and I'm about going NUTS. I get headaches alot, they are a fact of my life, but they usually go away with a slug of caffeine and a few ibuprofen. THIS headache is a clinger...and a humdinger to boot.

Seriously, anyone wanna gimme some head? (hahaha, couldn't resist. But really, this headache is kicking my, um, my head.)


What actually worries me a bit is last time I had a head like this (in 1997) I got the flu.....arg. And I am off to London on Friday. I don't want to waste my London time with the flu. I've got plans...plans that do not include the flu. Plans like going to Chatsworth and seeing about 6 chick movies and catching up with my aunt and uncle. And pubs. My plans definitely include pubs.

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