Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This month's PMS rage. mac lovers, boys, anyone afraid of explicit violence, or anyone with eyes will want to avoid this post

Fcuk! This damned Apple keyboard does not fit my fingers. For some reason it keeps doing something where it selects what I have previously written, up to a whole paragraph, and deletes what I wrote previously. I type really fast and this select/obliterate thing happens before I can stop it and I usually discover it past the point where I can "undo". Yes, I do have "ignore accidental trackpad input" button on. That's not it. I'm not sure what I am hitting but this keyboard just doesn't agree with me. The direction keys are to blame I think. I just keep hitting them the wrong way. Constant problem.

While I am anti-Mac-ing (Dave, just go to another blog if you are reading this) there is one thing that REALLY bugs me about the Mac. I'm sorry to say this, but it is not photo storage freindly. Now, don't get in a tizzy, Mac Fans, I am an equal opportunity lover and hater of both types of computer, but this one facet of the Mac constantly annoys me. Hear me out.

When looking at your photo storage on a PC, photos stored on the hardrive have a number of viewing options. You can look at file name, icon, a list, or a thumbnail of the photo itself. As I have many thousands of photos and no time to name them all, I have become heavily reliant on the thumbnail option on the PC when choosing pics to load on the blog. I can quickly scroll through all the ones I want at once, find the thumbnail I need, select and boom, picture uploaded.

Macs don't offer the thumbnail option when looking at photos in the hard drive storage. (NO I AM NOT using iPhoto. I hate it, it sucks, it does not store my stuff logically and I don't want software between me and my files. Plus you can't access really iPhoto from Blogger when choosing photos anyhow, and even if I could I would have no idea where to look with that STUPID chronological storage system they have.) So, in order to find the photo I want to post to the blog, I have to manually look at each photo in the folder I am in until I find the one I want. Then I have to either rename it, drag it to the desktop temporarily or remember which freaking file it was. I HATE that. Why can't they just have a built-in thumbnail view of files on the hardrive, like the PC does? You might have noticed that my posting of photos has drastically dropped and this is directly attributable to this annoying feature of the Mac.

Otherwise I am fairly happy with Whitey, here. Except for that stuff above. Let the Mac shitstorm begin.......

Boys will want to stop reading from this point on. Fair warning.

PMS. BIG TIME. STAY AWAY FROM ME if you are wise. I'll bite your head off with one chomp, chew it up skull and all, spit it out and then go after your neck as veiny tooth floss. I'll shoot you a dirty look so mean your eyes will explode out their sockets. One wrongly placed word to me and I will reach down your throat and tear out your butthole through your mouth. (Eew. I just grossed myself out on that one.)

In other words, I am one cranky assed beeyotch today.

Rich was sweet and made me dinner when I got home from work (late). But then, this could also be because, when I got home from work (late) and he asked me about dinner, I let off a stream of invective that could be heard in the next kommune. It basically went along the lines of "You want dinner? I'll make your fucking dinnner......blah blah BLAh blah blah blah BITCH blah blah grr arg bitch blah!" (I sorta had a hard day at work today (late) as well. And have not had time to shop. So, dinner? Don't even ask.)

And joy, Day Two will be on my frigging birthday. Think it's ok if I stay home with a book, a bottle of wine and xanax and just pass out on the bed surrounded by a small but lovely pile of biorthday cards and some tissues at the ready for when I cry my eyes out at the passing of time, youth, perky breasts, high metabolism and the fact that I now have scarily long grey eyebrow hairs?

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