Sunday, January 22, 2006

some day I will learn patience, though yesterday was obviously not it

Part 2 of my iPhoto woes.

I put some more pictures into iPhoto via my iPod...and all the new pictures just...poof...went away. I dunno where they went. I click on the thumbnail of the new picture in iPhoto (which would tell me the larger picture should be SOMEWHERE), and when the larger picture opens it's Nothing. Nada.

That annoyed me.

So, I decided to start all over and deleted EVERYTHING in iPhoto. Start over with a clean slate. Be patient. Learn more before I transfer. Buy the book for Dummies. It's ok as all the photos are on my original laptop. The ones on iPhoto were all duplicates.


All my photos of my brother and I at Christmas. The whole shebang of pictures from the Empty House Party 2. All my "before" photos of the house before painting and primping. These were all uploaded directly to the mac, not to the pc. And yes, they were deleted from the camera, and yes, I emptied the Trash.

So, Badger, the picture of your sweet little ass at the empty house party is history. Bookhart, you and Karla May making out, that's gone too. All the dancing to Abba is gone as well. Malcontent Mama, the pic of your beloved hubs with is big ol' foot smearing the wall, that's bye bye as well.

And the pictures of the giant turkey my brother and I cooked....gone like the leftovers.

Oh I'm just so MAD at me. Mad mad mad. Stupid me.

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