Monday, January 23, 2006

Gettin' a leg up

Well after the photo debacle of the last post I have made some progress. I've finally figured out how to make the iPod just act as an external hard drive without the rather authoritarian influence of iTunes. (Duh Karla, even on the PC you can still just click and drag your media from one drive to the other!) So now I've managed to get most of my photo archive onto the Mac just by dragging it onto the hard disk. No iPhoto needed. And I can arrange them as I see fit.

Plus I found a piece of software that might do very nicely thank you very much.

It's called iView Media. I think it might work. I like that it is fully customizable and that it lets you file your stuff the way you want. Sorry, control freak me just can't hang with the iPhoto thing. I have to have things organized the way my brain works, which, unfortunately for me and iPhoto's future relationship, is NOT chronological.

I also have an older version of Adobe Photoshop Elements around here, which I can put on the Mac and have as a back up photo-tweaker.

I won't delete iPhoto, I'm not cruel, and once I feel more secure with the Mac I might even play with it some, but it just felt so unnatural to me, I couldn't face it AND all the other stuff I still need to learn about the new computer.

I'm also kinda cranky and here's photo evidence of why:

This is a night photo of the wraparound deck. It was taken in late summer. It's kind of blurry, but note the stained glass window propped against the window in the middle right hand side. IT looks small in this shot but it's about two and a half feet tall including the window sill.

After the recent's piled up about 3 1/2 feet.

View from the inside with the stained glass window. The snow is about a foot and a half higher than the top of the window.

I keep clicking my red heels but nothing is happening......

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