Saturday, January 14, 2006

serious packing issues

My dad has a saying: "trying to fit 10 lbs of shit in a 3 lb bag". That's what I am doing right now. I've got so much CRAP to bring back and i am totally, hyperventilating, maxi-stressing over getting it all shoved in and packed away. I don't know how I accumulated so much, but there it is. Crapola. Everywhere. I'm doing a "test pack" now, to see how it all fits and what I will have to mail back to myself.

Plus there's the last cleanings, organizings and putting-awayings in the house. I just have this slightly obsessive need to have everything PERFECT and just so. This, by the way, is not my normal MO, so I am not sure what's up. I just feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious, like this is permanent and I have to make sure it's all forever correct, not just "correct for right now".

Last night we went for dinner to Malcontent Mama's house. She and her husband and two kids live literally right around the corner from us. Like, it's a bit embarrassing to drive there, it's so close. Their little boy, Anderson, is just such a huggable chunk. He weighs a TON. My arms are killing me from holding him. Seriously, he loves to be held and normally, with kids, I'm all about the politically correct 'two minute and then pass off' hold. You know, just enough time to show interest, not enough time to get drooled, barfed, pooped or yanked on. But Anderson, man, he's a different story. If my arms could have taken it, I would have held that kid all night. I can see why Lindsay has lost so freaking much weight in the past few months. Between running around after their daughter and weight lifting Mr Love Chunk, she's got her exercise totally taken care of.

Today we meet a bunch of folks at Matt's El Rancho, a Tex Mex place in South Austin. Some folks love it (like me) others don't but dammit, I dream about their shrimp tostadas. That and the Bob Armstrong dip are the stuff of my nocturnal digressions when I am in Norway. Norwegians just don't GET the idea of gooey, orange and white Tex Mex cheese. I've been eating an awful lot the past few days, and my stomach is not happy with me, but shit, I'm completely committed to eating everything in sight until I leave on Wednesday......You can just call me Karla Creosote.

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