Friday, January 20, 2006

Seriously, can it be just a little more extreme?

Hi. I'm back. In Norway.

And it's COLD. And it's SNOWING. I don't mean a little snow, I mean clusterfuck snow, snow that is piling up our windows and on the deck to a point that I don't think we will be able to be on that deck until May, after it all melts.

Shitty, crappy, even the Norwegians are freaking, weather.

I went from weather in the high 70's in Austin, sun sun and more sun, to snow dark and highs in the low 20's. Hello, life, can you make it just that much harder for me to get acclimated?

I finally figured out what life here is like. It's like living in a snow globe. From the outside of the snowglobe, it's all pretty, and dreamy and you can shake it up and watch the little people on skates on the little pond in front of the little thatched cottage and you think "Aw, how picturesque".

Inside the snowglobe, those people on the lake in the skates are saying, "Mother fucker, who the hell keeps shaking up all this white shit? I can't see a damn thing! And it's COLD! And WET! I can't breathe! Hey! You! There! On the outside? How the HELL do I get outta here? (tap tap tap on glass)".

Welcome to my snowglobe. Feh.

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