Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ways People Find Me

The internet cracks me up.

One of the things my hit counter does is tell me the words people used in the search that lead them to my blog. I can tell you that folks are looking for some goofy stuff. For example, here are some search words/terms, that have lead people directly to my blog (I linked to where they ended up, it's humorous):

Norway Boobs
Boobs (see above)
Giving Head (does this make me the expert?) (haha)
Zit +
H&M Lagerfeld (look at me I am a fashion maven!)
Funny toilet door signage

And, of course, my favorite word, or at least, one that I use alot, Fuck!

I hope they weren't too disappointed when they found my little blog instead of the naughty things they were actually trying to find.

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