Monday, December 13, 2004

I really don't quite understand Scandinavian/European music sometimes. Is it because I am American and the whole Eurovision thing escapes me? Have I been too well trained by my Rock Gods to Always Take Them Seriously As Artists?

Whatever, I keep seeing ads for an album called "Pleasureman" by Gunther. It's so bad I keep thinking it MUST be a joke. The cheese-ometer is going thru the roof. He looks like a woman in drag as a man, very bad mustache, mullet from hell, horrendous glasses, and these wierd pouty lips that only do the one expression, which I guess I would have to call the "Sit On Me".

He sings something called "The Ding Dong Song". With lyrics like "Oh.... you touch my tra la la, my ding ding dong". Seriously. That's the lyrics. It's like70's Burt Reynolds in an alternate Euro-universe, singing innuendos about chocolatey snack cakes. GAH!

Um, so, ok. It just gets worse. Here is some "press" on Gunther.

"Pleasureman Gunther...

Günther is a 29 years old gentleman style 2000 in his best years. Günther is from Sweden but he feels like a European. Günther has always been in the entertainment industry and now he feels it is time to change the attitude of the world to do something better. Günther wants to change the worlds look at the sexual way of thinking, so he have started a new trend to sexualise it more in the world. "A Günther trend".
He has only started his mission to go out in the world and spread the message of Love.
The four main things in Günthers life are Champagne, Glamour, Sex and Respect!"


Don't believe me? Here's the link. Click on the button for the video. Prepare to get chills....the bad kind.



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  3. MOMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Make it stop! My ears are bleeding...

    I checked Günther out. He scares me.

  4. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Oooh... that's strange. My choices are to log on as a Blogger user or post anonymously? Hmmm. Anyway, one of the most popular entries at my blog ( is a Gunther-flavored post I wrote back in May. It still gets a respectable number of Google hits these seven months later. Perhaps people are constantly looking to be "sexualised", and so Gunther is filling a massive void in the world?

  5. Well I sure as hell don't want Gunther filling MY void....


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