Saturday, December 04, 2004

An Ode To The Zit On My Chin

I wrote this ode to my zit a while ago...but it seems appropriate now. Yes, I have a wierd gift I call the "Insta-Poem" whereby I can write a fully functional poem in minutes flat. Now, whether it is a good poem or not is a whole 'nuther question, but they usually rhyme and are semi-humorous. Or so I like to flatter myself. (If anyone from Hallmark or American Greetings is readng this, I am willing to be tested on my Insta-Poem (tm) abilities on a moment's notice. Just give me a topic......Really.)


The zit on my chin
Is impairing my grin.
It's causing me pain......
It's the size of Spain!

The zit on my face
Seems to ignore time and place.
I'm 36 years old
Haven't my sebaceous glands been told?

The crater on my mug
Has a crusty white plug
And a red sort of...hue.
Am I making you spew?

Yes the hobby for today
Is to endlessly play
With the hard painful lump
That when pressed makes me jump.

I thought at my age
I was done with this plague
But I guess that's not true
Hey...quit staring, enjoy the view????????

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