Friday, December 10, 2004

My New Favorite TV Show...MythBusters

I realize I might be behind the times but I have a new favorite TV Show.

It's on Discovery. (Yes we get Discovery here, actually we get about 5 different Discovery channels, it's all about the informative documentary here. Go ahead, ask me about the mating habits of Southern Hemisphere Flightless Water Fowl, or perhaps the Five Most Ingeniously Engineered Superstructures Ever Created By Man. And how to build a chopper in the style of a fire engine. Yup, I know it all.)

It's called MythBusters. Ever seen it? Two guys, oddballs in a fairly obvious left-of-center "yes we are geniuses but we like latex and rubber" kind of way. (I only say that about the latex and rubber because they manage to work in a rubber or latex outfit or experiment into every show. Adam, the guy with the glasses and pierced tongue, is the one who REALLY likes rubber. The other guy, in the hat, Jamie, just kind of laughs amiably and does something scary with ballistics or bombs to explode, stretch or destroy the rubber in some way shape or form.)

I decided that this was my favorite show after watching last night's episode, where they addressed the myth of the fat lady stuck by vaccuum suction onto the airplane toilet seat. First they created a big ol' fake (but texturally accurate due to space age fake fat ass rubber!) hiney and weighted it to approximate a fat lady butt, then stuck it to the toilet seat. It worked, and was scarily authentic as far as fat bums go, with Adam even smacking it a bit for added rubber fetishists pleasure.

The funny part was when Adam decided to ratchet things up a bit and stuck his own bum on the toilet seat. They turned that vaccuum suction up high. Yep,his bum stuck and I think (judging by his almost maniacal and giddy laughter) that he really enjoyed it. He was crying for joy or pain, I am not 100% sure, but I think joy.

And that would be the reason why I really like that show. You can just tell that these guys are some truly oddball creative wierd fuckers, you know? I bet they know where all the really cool bars are in San Francisco. The hat that Jamie wears and those, "I'm cool and trendy yet smart" glasses Adam wears, tells you the whole story. Anyone that is going to sacrifice his own bum to test out a vaccuum toilet seat, wear gold paint a la "Goldfinger" from head to toe to test whether his body temperature will go up too high for safety, and then explode cans of biscuits in his sun-heated car just to see if it's possible, is somebody I need to have a beer with.

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