Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Jon Stewart , You F*cked Up!

Dear Jon Stewart,

We get your Daily Show here in Norway, one day after you are broadcast in the US. I feel compelled to correct you one on thing from today's (yesterday's) show:

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo Norway, not Stockholm Sweden!!!!!!!! Tell Samantha Bee to get her facts checked!

This is Oslo's major claim to fame, and honestly, it's also my one big exciting event every year in this cold-assed Nordic town, so please don't take it away from me by sending it to Sweden!!!!!

I repeat:

THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE IS ALWAYS, ONLY AND EVER, AWARDED IN OSLO NORWAY! (Dude, Oprah is even bringing her multi-million dollar-guru ass over here for the big Peace Prize Concert...Ask her if you don't believe me!!!!!!)

Yeah yeah, I know to the rest of the world all Scandinavians look alike, but honestly, the Norwegians are pretty damn proud of the Nobel Peace Prize, so don't go giving that honor to the Swedes. That would be like thinking that OU and UT actually like each other or something. Regionally, that is a MAJOR Faux Pas!

I certainly hope that the Powers That Be at the Daily Show get this. We rely on you, Mr. Stewart, whom my friend Karla May wants to marry, for our Daily News, and would hate to feel that you are geographically, um, deficient. I am available for further, tequila fueled, commentary.

The Texpatriate


  1. Um...You TOO have messed up. It's "Jon" Stewart. Not "John."

    I saw that episode too, but was too sleepy to even know they'd made a mistake.

    The part about Musharef (sp?) backing down on his assertion that Bush made a mistake by invading Iraq was pretty scary. "Yeah...Mushi...this here's the president. Freedom's on the march."

  2. Aw shit. I changed it on the blog, but the nasty gram I sent to the Jon Stewart show, correcting their geographic mistake? oH MAN ARE THEY GONNA SLAM ME OR WHAT?


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