Thursday, December 16, 2004

I Am Not Good at Winter.

This Norwegian commercial, shown frequently on TV and making me laugh every time I see it, pretty much sums up winter for many folks. It's really funny. (The tagline translates to "for a better start to the day" or something of that sort.)

It also reminds me that I am in idiot when it comes to winter myself.

The other day, it snowed really hard. I had to run a couple of errands, and when I came back outside, my car was covered in snow. I brushed off what I could, but there was this butthead waiting, impatiently, in the parking lot for me to back out so he could take my space. I shoulda waved him off, I know, but instead I hurried and got into the car and tried to back out. I realized I could not see out the side windows with all the snow, and so....I rolled them down to get the snow off.
Bad idea. I forgot that a) snow is not water or condensation and b) gravity tends to work. So all the snow fell INTO my car. Dammit.
I got back out of the car, waved off Mr. Butthead, (who made a semi-rude gesture which I am sure meant "Stupid Non-Norwegian Winter Amateur") and then proceeded to clean up the new mess.
Note to self: Snow melts quickly once inside your car. Science calls this new material "water". "Water" does not scoop, it soaks into the seats and the carpet. While trying to clean this, of course, more snow was falling on my back and down my neck. Shit. Cold. Ick. I gave up and just sat my wet ass in my wet car and went home.

It was a comedy of errors, all told. I think I am the Norwegian equivalent of an Aggie, or at least, that's what my friend Lee seemed to think when I told him the above story. I told him that in Norway I think the equivalent of an Aggie is a Swede.

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