Tuesday, December 28, 2004

For Your Pop Cultural Edification

When in London, my cousins kept riffing on something called a "chav". I had no freaking clue what it was, so they explained that it was the new pop cultural nickname for yet another British social group. Remember Mods, Teds, Sloane Rangers, etc? In the US the equivalents would be Yuppies, Flappers, Goths or Grunge?

Meet the Chavs.

We saw some real live specimens (once we knew what to look for) and all I can say is that the Mods, Teds and Sloane Rangers were a helluvalot better dressed. These people all wear baggy track pants with large jewelry and plaid Burberry caps. Fake logo wear bought at markets. The girls, instead of wearing sneakers, like to wear dressy, cheapy looking heels with their track bottoms. Why, I dunno. I would think track suits meant athleticsm, so wearing heels with that seems odd. They can be found in East London and at most pubs that show sports.

The chavs are the complete opposite of what I call the New Euro Ho' Goddess, which are these women I see walking around all wearing the same thing (and all very expensive, of course):

Tight narrow jeans tucked into tall boots. (Alternately tiny flirty miniskirt with tall boots.) Furry barbarian style jacket a la Roberto Cavalli. Top that is definitley not warm enough. Stick straight long highlighted blonde hair. Big wide belt, worn low on too-narrow hips. Sunglasses. Gucci or Dior bag, cell phone attached to ear. Links of London or Tiffany silver bracelet.

They can be found roaming King's Road, Walton Street, Bond Street and throughout Chelsea and Kensington. Fear them. They will hurt you if you pick up that cute Mulberry bag they had their eye on.

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  1. Ugh. Chavs make me want to upchuck. The ULTIMATE Chav: Kevin Federline (a.k.a. Mr. Britney Spears). That retard is never photographed without his trucker hat somewhat askew. And his favorite hat says, "Rock out with your cock out." Classy as hell.


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