Tuesday, January 05, 2010



One pair of much loved Lucchese Boots.

Last seen in Austin Texas, after I took them in for their check up at Allen's Boots. They got cleaned and buffed, and then were mailed to me via US post on December 5th.

Which is when it all went to hell in a handbasket.

Boots last heard from on December 11th, when they left the sorting station in New Jersey.

My babies are gone!!!! Lost somewhere between New Jersey and Norway! Surrounded by (eek!) YANKEES!!!!!!

My BABIES!!!!!!!

UPDATE: My boots finally arrived January 15th. They were delayed in shipping and then the Norwegian Toll Trolls tried to charge me import tax on them. A little bit of wrangling and they were home. Lucchese, however, didn't do any work on them as I had a rubber bottom glued over the original leather soles to protect them from the snow and salt. They said that nullified any warranty. Bit of a bummer. All that time and money spent for nothing. I'll wear them until they fall apart and then pony up for a new pair.

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