Friday, January 08, 2010

same ol' shit

Cold cold cold cold.

That's pretty much all we are thinking about lately. So DAMNED cold. -6 F today, thereabouts.

Heat was out of order at work, I sat at my desk in my parka. I can't type in gloves, I've learned. I managed to get a lot done, but I was cold doing it.

Had some friends over on Wednesday evening and the heat in our apartment (usually so over heated) was not working so well. I felt bad that everyone was chilly. Apparently the apartment manager figured out the heat problem yesterday, because when I got home it was like a SAUNA in here. I went from freeze to sweat in about 2 minutes flat. Wow.

I went out last night with some of the boys from work. I swear at times it feels like a cultural anthropological experiment, hanging out with my boys from work. They are all a bunch of ruffty tuffty guys who have all been around the world many times and have seen it all. I enjoy hanging with them...they are funny and sweet and earthy. However, they are also pretty filthy, which I guess some people would find offensive. It just makes me laugh, however, as I enjoy the earthy salty talks, you know? Around them, I am an honorary boy but one that they also can tell some of their hurts and life stories to and they can show me, a little bit, their softer sides. It's sweet. I am very safe with them, they are gentlemanly in their own ways. They are a good bunch. Even if they do drink lager and not Guiness. (wimps)

But I have to laugh because whenever a cute girl walks by, their eyes have to follow her and they lose their train of thought instantly. Seriously, the attention span of a gnat. What is UP with that?

Boys. I don't understand them but I like them nevertheless.

UPDATE: I did a trace for the boots and it seems that Norwegian (evil) customs has held them up. Norway charges duties and fees for anything imported over 200 nok (a tiny amount here, worth about $35). You end up paying at least that much in fees and tolls, so your $35 item ends up costing double. Joy. I refuse to pay for MY OWN BOOTS though. I'll have to fight it.

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