Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have a shitty little cold. You know, one of those ones that comes on suddenly and isn't so bad that you have to call in sick to work, but is just enough to annoy the hell out of you? Argh. Sniff, sniffle, achoo. I had too much to do to call in sick today, anyhow. I sniffled and snuffled in my big new office at the end of the hall. My big new office is very draughty and I think that might be contributing to my cold. I can't stay WARM in there.

Rich and I are sitting in our living room, watching something (though we don't know what) on BBC Prime, and each typing away on our own laptops. Me on this blog, him on some model airplane forum or other. Ah the modern many new ways to ignore one another. The neighbors upstairs are hollering and stomping, the snow outside falls in a wet slop of icy pellets, and I am vaguely and thoroughly dissatisfied with this week. This week has just generally pissed me off, though not in any way I can specify. It wasn't ALL bad, but just sort of I did have a very good meal last night at an interesting Oslo restaurant with some of my favorite coworkers. So that was good.

I have another chiro appointment tomorrow. My back does feel better after the first appointment, I should be back to rights after the one tomorrow. Yoga starts again on the 2nd, none too soon.

The news from Haiti continues to appall and sadden me. The problems seem insurmountable. Sure we can throw money at it...but then what? Those poor people.

I suppose I'll take a bath or something. I dunno.

We are going to Vienna next month. I haven't been there since I was 17. I am sure it survived without me.

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