Tuesday, January 26, 2010

just one thing.

Remember how I was all content and shit? Didn't want anything?

I've found a few things I want.

  1. A hot bath. Seems the hot water ran out today mid bath-filling. That was a new thing for this flat usually the water is BOILING.
  2. Internet. Our internet is "unstable". It was totally out all evening and I only hope this will post. This has been going on for weeks. I finally called, and they said "You must be patient, we hope to have it fixed on the 29th". Patient? I got yer patient right here, buddy.
  3. A crock pot. A plain old slow cooker. NOT TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE IN OSLO. I can have a fryer, a rice cooker, a potato peeler (WTF ? A potato peeler machine that looks rather like a crock pot?), an ice cream maker, an egg cooker (if you can't cook an egg without a machine, you officially suck), raclettes, fondue pots and waffle makers out the ASS. But no frikkin slow cookers AT ALL. What kills me is I had the perfect one. It was a combination fryer, rice cooker, slow cooker and something else, I forgot. Mags (over at This Corrosion) has it now as I just couldn't get an electrical transformer that could handle the wattage over here. Poor Mags took half her suitcase up with lugging that thing back to Texas, but she says she is 'saving' it for me, God love her. Even though I am pretty sure she uses the hell out of it. I sure did.
  4. I want my cooktop to work 100%. One of the cooking rings on the ceramic cooktop has an extension button on it that allows it to cook on the larger size ring, which I used ALL THE TIME until it broke and now I can only use small pots on it. I don't DO small pots, I do big ones.
I don't know, y'all. I think I am just going to work all the time and quit coming home because lately I am just TOO ANNOYED every time I come home. At least at work I feel like i have some control over what's going on. At home, I feel like I am just losing the plot.

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