Tuesday, April 15, 2008

why I don't speak Norwegian

Yesterday I was discussing some official form we have to use with my boss. Even though it was in English, one of the items on it instructed the person filling out the form to fill in the 'hvite' spaces. 'Hvite' is Norwegian for white. I was joking about how whoever made up the form got all the English spot on except for this one glaring Norwegian word, right there on the top of the page in bold letters.

I pronounced it in what I thought was my best Norwegian...and got it utterly wrong. My boss sort of looked at me with a gleam in his eye, laughed and said, you might want to say it THIS way, and pronounced it correctly. Which was totally different from how I said it.

The way I said it?

Imagine walking into your boss's office and blaring out the word 'pussy', or, even worse, the 'c' word. 'Cuz that is what I did. I accidentally uttered the naughtiest word in the Norwegian language right at my boss.

Good JOB Karla. Good job indeed.

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