Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Off to Berlin for my cousin's wedding. I have been surprisingly laid back about packing for this, I didn't even buy a new dress, just grabbed a favorite one from Noa Noa and threw it in the suitcase. Lately when I travel I just pack a black and white palette and edit my wardrobe severely. Which is what I did this time. The Noa Noa dress is cute, white sheer cotton embroidered all over with black. It should do fine.

Since I packed so lightly I will have plenty of room to store all my goodies when I hit KaDeWe (KaufHaus des Westens, the Harrods of Germany) and Trippen shoes. Trippens are seriously expensive, but oh so gorgeous, and really, have you ever felt elk leather? Soft as velvet. I've been so freaking bored with the shopping here in Norway, I need a break to find something new. I hope Berlin offers me something to get excited about (Marimekko notwithstanding!)

I'm pretty much planning on just shopping in Berlin, don't have many sightseeing goals, except to go to the Pergamon museum. Though honestly, we don't have that much time in Berlin itself, as the wedding is about two hours away by train in a town called Weißenfels, which I have learned is a Baroque town linked with many poets and composers including Bach. I will admit I still have that American stereotype of East Germany, where everything is square grey and block like, but from what I hear Weißenfels is just gorgeous.

I hope the beer is good.

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