Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Springtime and a girl's mind turns to thoughts of sun. Warmth. Summer. Sundresses.


Thong SANDALS, I mean. (We used to call them thongs before thongs started meaning assfloss. You know, back in the day when underwear was comfortable?)

This page of sandals on Piperlime is KILLING me. It couldn't be more my style if it tried. I LOVE flat sandals with a strap between the toe. And gladiators, they suit my long skinny feet perfectly. There is only ONE pair on that whole page that I would not buy, right now, if I could. (The one I do not want has neither toe strap nor is it a gladiator. Not sure what it's even doing on that page, for that matter?)

I swear, it's like a whole page of mini orgasms. Each shoe gets a little more 'o' as I go along. I click on a shoe and look at the different views of each (side! bottom! front! back! top!) and I swear it's just like a guy lookin' at porn.

Oh that one. No, wait, THAT one. Oh yeah, that one RIGHT THERE. Oh turn for me baby...yeah. Let's see the back. Uhuh. Full frontal? Niiiice.....oh yeah, turn upside down for me, show me your bottom, you naughty little thing....oooohh.....

See? Porn for Karla.

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