Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh yeah spring!

Oh yeah spring!, originally uploaded by karlakp.

Yesterday I found shopping nirvana. Well, almost. I could have used some shoes. But, after an over TWO MONTH shopping dry spell (this is UNHEARD of in Karla Land) I finally hit pay dirt and got some very fun stuff at H&M.

They have a collection of items that are a tribute to Marimekko, the famous, bright prints from Finland that took over the world in the 60's. They are very funky and not to everyone's taste. However, they had me from "hello" once I saw the wonderful full skirts with tiny fitted waists. THIS is a silhouette I can wear and wear well. I am the original "sweater girl' figure, and these wasp waisted skirts, worn with a tight t shirt, are perfect for me. I am a fairly adventurous dresser, at least in the sense that I wear what I like and looks good on me, and don't follow trends that don't work, so I have no problem AT ALL wearing a big fun bright skirt like the orange and black one. (And hello! MATCHING BAG! With leather trim! How much do I love that???) They also had a bunch of maxi dresses and assorted tunics and trousers, but somehow I don't think the pants would look at all good on me, with those big prints. I might try out a dress or two, though, maybe belted they might work.

Anyhow, I give H&M kudos for doing something adventurous, fun and entirely out of the ordinary. After so many months of everything looking 'same same', all greys and tasteful (boring) taupes and that damned skinny jeans silhouette, I was starting to get a bit desperate, and, sadly, depressed. I thought maybe the shopping mojo had left me, or perhaps, GASP, I was reaching a point where I was too old and jaded for anything to interest me.

This collection at H&M has revived my fashion interest, and I can't thank them enough for getting me out of the doldrums...affordably!

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