Thursday, April 03, 2008

progressive tiredness

Well I managed to avoid a hangover last night. I only had four beers and they were fairly spread out. It was an interesting night, I was the only girl and so I basically just became an honorary boy for the night (albeit one that smelled better than the others and they all wanted to sit next to).
We talked about a wide variety of items of great import, including Steak and Blow Job Day, Beer, Pizza, Texans vs Germans vs Polish vs French people and politics, the vagaries of the industry for which we all work, and, of course, boobs. (Seems everyone is an expert on those, even those that don't own pair of their own or have the occasional use of them from a generous (and endowed)  partner.)
I stumbled to the train around 10:30 (after almost falling out of the bar, damn those Norwegian door thresholds, why can't  they be flat with the floor like in the US? There are DRUNK people here that might trip over them!). Got home about 11.
No hangover this morning though I am getting progressively tireder (is that a word?) as the day progresses.

You rock. That's why Blockbuster's offering you one month of Blockbuster Total Access, No Cost.

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