Saturday, November 03, 2007

Things that happened Friday

A bullet post.

  • I did not get the flu
  • I celebrated by having a few pints last night.
  • I am now fiercely hungover
  • I think I felt up an Irish girl last night.
  • She has very nice boobs.
  • I'm ok with saying that as I didn't enjoy it, really, it was more of a comparison feel, if you know what I mean?
  • Mine are as nice as hers.
  • Though perhaps not as big.
  • Yes, I *am* fun to be around when I am drunk.
  • Though if you are a girl you run the risk of me feeling you up.
  • Yesterday was waffle day at work.
  • I like waffle day.
  • It's better than Pretzel Day on "The Office"
  • Mostly because it happens more often.
  • My work buddies tease me about how joyous I am on waffle day.
  • I loves me the waffles.
  • I had two.
  • It was my day off from the diet, so it was ok.
  • There's a sign in front of them saying "One per person".
  • We all ignore it.
  • Rich and I went for a long walk today.
  • It's beautiful sunny and not cold.
  • Unseasonably warm for Norway in Fall.
  • I didn't even need a jacket!
  • On our walk we saw the changing of the guard for the royal country palace.
  • Pomp and circumstance in the 'burbs.
  • I'm going to see "Becoming Jane" tonight.
  • I've been wanting to see it for AGES.
  • Our local cinema (Kino) is having 1/2 price movie night tonight.
  • Rich refuses to go, calling the movie a chick flick.
  • He's right, but I go see anything Jane Austen related.
  • Before the movie I am going to make a Hungarian Chicken Paprika for dinner
  • I'm making it in my Schlemmertopf, or clay roasting pot.
  • I better get started now so that I can eat before the movie.
  • Bye.
I had meant to do NaNoBloMe or whatever the fuck it's called, but just do it without telling anyone I was doing it. But as I missed November 2, which is the second day of the thing, I guess I've already messed up that plan.


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