Sunday, November 25, 2007

rats x 3

Rat 1) Saw "Ratatouille" tonight. ADORED it. That was the BEST movie. Gorgeous to look at what with the views of Paris and all, cute story, and the characters...Oh, I am in love with that little rat. His little pink nose...he was SO cute. I've always thought mice and rats weren't as nasty as other people do (granted don't want them in the walls of my house as they can be destructive) so that movie sort of reinforced my not quite hatred of them. Brad Bird can do no wrong in my eyes, what with him doing Edna Mode (my favoritest cartoon character of all time) in The Incredibles, which he also directed, and now this.

Rat 2) Saw a little rat running along the rails at Holborn Tube station after the movie. He was the same grey as the floor. Looked just like Remy. Then a train came and ran over him (didn't squish him, just ran OVER him) and I thought of Remy running under a car in the same way. EEEEEK!!!!!!!!!

Rat 3) My father is rat three. He sent me a bunch of pictures of everyone back home eating turkey and gravy sandwiches. MY turkey and gravy sandwiches. Mostly my brother eating MY turkey and gravy sandwiches. Kit, get ready for lesson number's gonna hurt.

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