Sunday, November 18, 2007

post script to previous post...

On the way back from the gym (yes! The gym! where I worked out! a lot!) I saw a little pirate.

Seriously, this young girl came floating out of the fog on the sidewalk and first thing I thought was, "Pirate? Here? Wha?"

She wore fleece lined cuffed boots that she didn't lace up so they sort of flopped around her legs. Around her waist she had tied a fringed scarf that hung down to meet the tops of her boots. It floated out behind her when she walked. With her long wavy blonde hair, short solid stature, swaggering walk (created by her waddling just a bit so her boots didn't trip her up), leather jacket and the scarf around her hips, she just looked like a pirate and that is that. I don't think she MEANT to look like pirate, but the poor swaggering victim of teenaged fashion certainly achieved the essence of the look perfectly.

Yar me hearties! Thar's pirates here in Vikingland!

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