Thursday, November 08, 2007

absolute shopping mayhem

I would like to point out that there are four things I really can't stand:

pushy people
tight spaces
fashion people

So imagine my chagrin when I got them ALL AT ONCE this morning when I went to check out the Cavalli stuff at H&M.

I knew I was in trouble when I showed up at OsloCity mall and there was a largish group of women (all blonde, tall and skinny) standing outside the door. I think I have mentioned that Norwegians aren't much for queueing or for saying excuse me, so you can imagine the horrendousness that occurred when the doors open and 100 crazed blondes in stilettos rushed the joint. The clothes were in a small space right in front of the doors, and the budget fashionistas all grabbed, like, 10 dresses willy nilly and then ran to the cash registers. The dresses went FAST. (They always do in these collections.) The slower of us all sort of milled about in a space not bigger than my bathroom, bouncing off each other and empty clothes racks (those things HURT when you get one jabbing you in the arm or the back!) in a frenzied grab for whatever was left after the faster blonde robots grabbed the highlighted items from the collection.

I left after 5 minutes, I just couldn't take it. I've had enough dealing with Fashion People in my life that I knew it was pointless to try and fight them. (And my Southern politeness is just plain offended by grabby crowds. I say sorry too much and try to be polite and in doing so I miss the good stuff. I'm not very kill or be killed, I am afraid.)

I then went to another H&M just up the road. It was busy but not as insane as the one at OsloCity (not so much 'see and be seen', more just people who really wanted to check out what was there and and see what they might find to suit them) so I managed to score a pretty sweet silk blouse and the necklace and ring that I had wanted in the first place, so go me! That H&M is sort of my 'secret' one, as I have found good stuff there before because I think people forget that store has the upper level lines as well.

As a precaution I then hightailed it to the H&M on Karl Johansgate, which was my 2nd mistake. That place was insanity squared, with the added benefit of the media filming everywhere and every two bit D level celebrity you can think of prancing about. There was this skinny blonde fake tanned chick all tarted up, standing RIGHT in the middle of the VERY busy entry way, posing and preening for the photographers with about 8 bags of the Cavalli stuff in her arms, as well as a tiny litte nerfy dog. (I'd probably drop the dog in one of those bags if I were her.) She annoyed the fuck out of me because i could not get around her. So what if you are famous, if you were THAT famous you could afford the REAL deal and not the Budget Cavalli at H&M!

Anyhow, I never managed to get my hands on the dress I was after (it looked like it might even have space for my boobs, so I am a bit bummed I didn't even get close enough to touch it), but in all honesty it does not matter because I already HAVE a Cavalli, and a real one, not one from H&M. I got it in Austin at Last Call. And it's fabulous. (I have a coat as well, also from Last Call.)

Still, I might go back tomorrow to see what has been returned and if there is anything interesting after the crows have picked over it. I am very pleased I got the necklace I wanted, so all in all it was a good experience. Much as it was frenzied here....imagine what it's like in London or New York! Thank God I am here in Oslo!

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