Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I had a brain, once.

Yesterday was a full long day of meetings at work. LOOONG day. It was followed by a dinner where we were all assigned seats randomly so as to foster everyone in the company getting to know each other. I noticed, with a giggle, that there were very few women as compared to the number of men (the line of work I'm in is overwhelmingly staffed by men) , so women were rationed out at one per table. That really didn't suck, at least from the girl perspective.

As with any properly done Norwegian dinner party, the alcohol flowed VERY freely. We started with pre dinner drinks in the bar, then dinner was served with white wine for the first course (salmon, natch, it's ALWAYS salmon) and then a really nice Italian ripasso with the main course (steak...hello, it's all MEN!). After the multiple refills of white and red wines, they then brought out cognac after dessert and, "for the ladies" an bonus of Bailey's (which I gave to one of the guys).

Then it was back to the bar for beer and champagne.

The good news is my coworkers now know that I am fun to drink with. The bad news is that I am not as much fun the next day. The demeanor at the meetings today was decidedly subdued, one guy sitting next to me nodded off mid-discussion. I'm pretty sure everyone had a hangover. I know I have been hurting but bad today. Not helped by the neighbors on the other side of us banging and building and hammering starting at 8:30 am. What the FUCK is going on that everyone has to make so much noise?

I was going to pack for London tonight but I think that can wait until tomorrow. Right now is a bath and a light dinner. And more ibuprofen.

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