Sunday, November 11, 2007


I've booked myself a trip to London end of the month. Rich will be traveling for work and I have been wanting to get back to London (there are a bunch of exhibits I want to see, most notably one at the V&A) and so I took the plunge and booked me a trip. As a treat to myself I booked myself a room at a very small posh hotel off Sloane Street. A single room is tiny and expensive, but I might as well get a really nice room in a great area for not much more than a crappy room is costing at other places. (Besides they give you tea and cookies at 4 pm, champagne at 6 pm and hot cocoa before going to bed. That's worth a few extra quid in my book!) I'm looking forward to hanging out on King's Road again, even if the Chelsea Kitchen is closed.

London is absurdly expensive for hotels now, especially with the dollar being in the shithole and some of my fallback hotels (notably one called the Southwark Rose, I like that one) aren't available. Ironically I used to stay off Sloane Street/Cadogan Square when I visited Colleen and Karen, and now I see how much money I saved by visiting thanks guys for letting me crash at your posh pads! I'm thinking fondly of you now that I am ponying up the big bucks!

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