Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'm not I'm not I'm NOT

I'm not getting the flu. I am not getting the flu. I am NOT getting the flu.

It's going around my office and I haven't had it in ten years* and I am NOT feeling glassy and getting little chills and having a headache. I am NOT.

*Early in '97, when I worked at a trendy import store in Austin, I was on my way to work (running a tiny bit late, but not that much, GAIL!) when this dude in a big "dually" truck changed lanes right as I came up next to him and I ran into him. Or, should I say, my front left fender ran into his tire. My car was toast and his tire had a red paint mark on it. (He got the ticket.) As it turned out, he was going home sick with the flu. Which, in the course of events of exchanging insurance info, etc., he gave to me. I got to work late, to which my boss (who I loved then and still love now) just said "Well, if you hadn't been running late you would not have gotten hit!" which was really annoying but true.
The next day I was sicker than a dog with a fucked up car and no energy to even attempt to get out of bed. Rich was traveling, so couldn't take care of me, but I was so sick I just wanted to sweat and moan anyhow.

So, no I am NOT getting the flu. Check back with me tomorrow, when I DON'T have the flu.

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