Friday, November 09, 2007

Auntie Em Auntie Em it's a twister!

DAYUM we had a windstorm last night. It totally blew over one of our heavy deck chairs and scooted everything else around on the deck. I thought the building was gonna blow over, and I definitely heard glass breaking somewhere near us.

Today was a bit windy but not as bad as last night. It wasn't too cold today either. You learn that when it's windy that means it won't be as cold as if it was still outside. Wierd, the wind sort of scrubs up warmth or something. Doesn't mean that the wind doesn't sort of FEEL colder, though, because it can be pretty cutting.

In other news, I tried on the Cavalli blouse I got yesterday and I have to say, that thing is the BOMB. It fits PERFECTLY. In fact I think maybe they cut things for taller people this go round, because the sleeves are long enough, the waist is where my ACTUAL waist is (and not that damned Empire shit) and the shoulders are in the right place as well. I am very pleased. I trolled around looking for this one dress that i liked, but it is all sold out online and in the stores, except for the leopard print jeans....and sorry, this ass ain't wearing tight leopard print, that is FOR SURE.

I got energetic today and reorganized "my" room. It's the way-too-small bedroom that is my office cum dressing room cum closet. (heh heh she said cum.) I got rid of something like 25 t shirts. I have way too many t shirts. I must say, I feel much better now that I have things in a relative form of order, I've been feeling overwhelmed lately with stuff, all stuff, and really want to reorganize, regenerate and basically rearrange all our things so that I can feel a little more in control. Rich won't be happy when I have him moving around furniture this weekend.......

Tonight's pub night. I am liquoring up ahead of time with a snootful of cherry vodka. Cuz, you know, I am on a diet and all that beer is FATTENING.

I think I'll wear the new blouse.


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