Wednesday, November 07, 2007

invasion of the suits

Norway has a very casual dress code for work. The general idea is that work environments have a flat hierarchy, everyone is more or less equal in importance, so no need to dress up for work. (Everyone dresses up a bit more to go out in the evenings, though. Which is nice.) Anyhow, for work it's pretty much all jeans and t shirts, though I dress up a bit more because, hello?.... clothes hound!

So, after a while of seeing only laid back outfits, it's always a bit jarring to see someone in a suit at your office. Because, if you see a suit, you know it's one of a very few things:

  • someone in on a job interview.
  • lawyers come a-callin'.
  • bigwigs visiting.

Today, it was bigwigs visiting, and we had an invasion of the suits of a very entertaining proportion. They all looked very nice, and very out of place. Ironically, our office lawyers were NOT in suits, which I thought was a nice change of pace. (Actually they normally don't wear them in to work.)

I wore a suit-esque sort of outfit today, as I knew the suit-dudes would be congregating in the meeting room on my floor, and did not want to be seen as a slacker. Though there was a lot of joking about us all who work on the floor wearing NIN t's, ripped jeans, smeared eye makeup, hangovers and combat boots today.

We didn't.

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